tirsdag 2. desember 2014

Bryllupsreisen / Voyage de noces / Honeymoon !!!

Honeymoon pics part one!!!
13-30 November 2014
(A bit of boring info at the bottom of the pictures)


Stop 1: Manila - Makati

Stop 2: Boracay, White Beach

Stop 3: El Nido, Palawan

Crab.. we also saw scorpios, but the picture was even less clear. This is quite far from the beach by the way..

 Stop 4: Honda Bay

 Stop 5: Puerto Princesa 
(and tropical storm Queenie, our trip to the Undergrund River got cancelled, snif)


Stop 6: Manila Bay

Stop 1: Makati, Manila-
 Hotel: Citadines Makati (2 nights, 187 euro - got a free bottle of white wine)

Stop 2: Boracay, White Beach -
Hotel: Golden Phoenix (4 nights, 334 euro, got upgraded!) 
Hotel 2: Actopia Resort (1 night, 26,5 euro)

Stop 3: El Nido, Palawan-
Hotel 1: A Place to Remember (4 nights, 231 euro)

Stop 4: Honda Bay-   
Hotel: Dos Palmas (2 nights, 252,5euros)

Stop 5: Puerto Princesa -
Hotel 2: Blue Lagoon Inn and Suites (Total 3 nights, 69 euro)

Stop 6: Manila Bay- 
Hotel: H2O Hotel (97 euro)

Bangkok - Manila - Bangkok for 2 people (Philippine Airlines): 342 euro
Manila- Kalibo for 2 people (Cebu Pacific, 20 kg luggage): 40 euro
Caticlan -Manila for 2 people (Cebu Pacific, 20 kg luggage): 60 euros
Manila- Puerto Princesa-Manila for 2 people (Air Asia, 20 kg luggage): 117 euros

Other prices: 
Transportation Puerto Princesa- El Nido in van: 500 pesos (9 euro) per person
Lunch: around 7-800 pesos for 2 (13-14 euro)
Dinner: around 1000-1400 for 2 (18-25) - including beer /fruit shakes :)
Trips: In El Nido they have fixed prices, 4 different trips ranging from 1200-1400 pesos. (A, B, C and D. We went for A and C as these had been recommended. We started with tour C (1400 pesos) with lots of snorkeling and a bit of sunburn. The next day we did tour A, which was the lagoon-tour, nice with lots of shade!)

We were a bit surprised to discover that even after agreeing on a price and duration, the locals sometimes tried to "trick" us. I guess we are so used to the Thais- here they might try to trick you to pay more, but once you have settled for a price/deal, they stick to it! F.ex: We paid for 1 hour sailing trip (sunset sailing), but they went back to the beach after 20 min claiming that they never sold 1h trips.. Luckely we got an offer to go on another trip straight away to get the hour we paid for. There were about 7 more people who then joined, and after another 20 min we were back at the beach, and funny enough the others had paid for 1 hour too! So just be aware! :)