onsdag 9. juli 2014

Hua Hin and Dolphin Bay !

I have been out travelling again. I found out that my cousin and his family was in Hua Hin, so decided to stop by when my husbands colleague invited us to come for the weekend to Dolphin Bay.

So on Thursday morning (well, laaate morning..) I headed out to Victory Monument BTS to take a mini-van towards Hua Hin. It was still 180 bath one way, but if you book return it is a little bit cheaper (160bath*2). If you are going to Cha Am it is also cheaper, 160 one way and 140 return.. I managed even to get off near the hotel where my cousin was staying, sheraton / blue lagoon, and my hotel was not very far either. I used google maps to find out where and when to scream "stop!" - hopefully I will learn a bit more thai soon so this won't happen again :)

It was really nice seeing my family, I had not seen my cousin Thomas for ages and ages! We stayed at the pool / in the pool for a few hours before heading out to do some go karting (500 bath for 10 -15minutes, and 1000 bath for 30 minutes). After this we went to Hua Hin, had dinner, went to the night market and then had oil massage.. HERLIG! (lovely) as we would say in Norwegian!

On Friday my cousin and family were to go to Cha-Am, which is about 20-30 minutes north of Hua Hin, where they stayed at Regent Chalet. It was a nice place, nice pool and close to the beach. After lunch and a few hours by the pool, my husband and his colleague came and picked me up - time to go to Dolphin Bay!

 About 40km south of Hua Hin you will find Dolphin Bay. We did not see any dolphins, but we had lots of fun, and we saw some adorable little puppies at a thai-indian restaurant and hotel (they also do tailoring) and we got to have a look at their rooms, they were lovely! and the food was yummy!! They told us that the price per room was 1000 bath a night, which is approximately 200nok / 20 pounds. This is less than we paid for our hotel at Dolphin Bay resort (350kr /35 pounds). Though they do not have a pool, but it is very close to the beach.. If you want to go there the email address is soni_designer@hotmail.com You will easily find the restaurant as the Dolphin Bay is a very small place! Only one thai-indian restaurants! I did not manage to take good pictures of the two cute puppies, Dexie and Tuk-Tuk..

On Saturday we did not do much, to be honest. We went for a swim and ate at the thai-indian restaurant... On Sunday we went out to monkey island in a fisherman's boat, that was amazing! The price was 800 bath altogether, and was arranged by our hotel (Dolphin Bay Resort). You can see from the pictures below. We brought pineapples for the monkeys. Afterwards we went around the island before heading home. There is not so much to do in Dolphin Bay, but I think I prefer it to Hua Hin.. I need to go back and explore Cha-Am too..

En liten gjeng på tur..

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  1. Fine bilder og synes du skriver godt, gøy å lese, blir mer fristet til å reise ned :)

  2. Ja, det er bare å komme en tur:)