tirsdag 1. juli 2014

Our wedding

Here comes some of the pictures from the weeks before to the week after the wedding. I am now back in Bangkok, which feels a bit weird, but a good kind of weird.

For the wedding weekend we were lucky with lots of good weather, and as you can see from the before and after photos we could not take it for granted to see the sun! Our wedding took place in beautiful France, not very far from Paris. As we are a "mixed" couple, me being from Norway and my now husband being French, it was not easy to plan this wedding, and no matter where we would hold the wedding, someone would have to travel to get there. But we decided on France, as at the time we decided we lived in London, and it was quite easy to drive down to Paris. Also, the fact that in French culture you invite more people it made sense to hold it where the most of our guest lived. I hope that our guest also agrees that we managed to have a great wedding, the weather was nice, and everything ran smoothly. I still want to keep some kind of anonymity so please bear with some of the pictures:




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